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Every empty bottle is filled with stories.


Craft wine is motivation that drives winemaking past all the traditions, the scoring critics, and mass production conditions. It is not just about costs and profits, but about the creation of something unique and the communication with those who enjoy the exploration of wine. We want everyone to experience the philosophy of craft wine, understand the winemakers love for the land and gentle treatment of the vines. Like a painter with a canvas, each stroke is selected with care and intention to produce a wine for guests to enjoy.

Craft wine is approachable and fun. It removes the pretentious nature of wine and replaces it with the enjoyment of artistry. It is not soulless or industrialized. Craft wine brings a person back to a time of wonder and delight; a time when drinking wine was a pastime enjoyed with friends and laughter.

Craft wine is about stories. How the people came together and how the wine came to be. Every single story is different and interesting, just like every wine differs from the others.

We're not here to knock other wines, but we value a product that has a history and a soul. We want our wines to tell a story and be a part of your next one.

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Showcasing Innovation
To Craft Wines of Distinction


Founded in 2009 by winemaker Mica Raas, Myka Estates was originally intended to spotlight a love for the Central Coast wine growing region. The craft winery focused exclusively on cool-climate loving varietals from small, sustainably farmed vineyards in and around the Monterey Bay. Myka Estates' home was in Santa Cruz, in a winery space where Raas worked to help other fledgling winemakers achieve their dreams of winemaking on a smaller, craft-based scale.

The winery moved to Diamond Springs in El Dorado County in 2016. While we continue to source fruit from select sites in the Santa Lucia Highlands, upholding our original vision for Myka Estates, we now have access to all the wonderful diversity of microclimates the Sierra Foothills has to offer. We have introduced new wines to the Myka Estates line-up, showing off this much warmer wine growing region and the unique terroir of its vineyards while producing countless award-winning wines.

Mica believes the naturally diverse El Dorado County growing region is one of the most under-appreciated American Viticultural Areas. While possessing the unique ability to grow almost any grape varietal, this growing region has simply flown under the radar of most viticulturists and winemakers for quite some time.

The tasting room experience in Apple Hill celebrates the beautiful views of the Sierra Foothills while supporting guests through an exploration of approachable and unpretentious wines made from sustainably farmed grapes.

Sustainable Farming
Sustainability is not about doing less harm, but about doing more good.


Sustainable farming is a pillar of our culture and philosophy. We care deeply about safeguarding the land our vineyards are grown on through environmentally responsible practices. We seek to conserve and value our natural resources, protect local wildlife and the ecosystem they thrive in, and ensure the safety, creative passion, and economic security of our staff.

Sustainable farming practices protect our soil, air, and water – these are the elements that breathe character and quality into our grapes. Being a steward of the land and a part of the community are principles our winery lives. Our environmentally and socially responsible practices are an integral part of how we do business. It is our way of ensuring the health of our land, our community, and our winery for generations to come.

Utilizing sustainable practices in both our vineyards and our winery make for high quality wines and provide a better environment for employees, neighbors, and guests. Sustainable winegrowing can include biodynamic or organic farming practices. Sustainable practices can also include:

  •   Cover crops, drip irrigation and process ponds to conserve water
  •   Composting, recycling, and reuse to minimize waste
  •   Protecting air and water quality
  •   Preserving local ecosystems and wildlife habitats
  •   Practicing environmentally preferred purchasing

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